From where to start to differentiate products?

The more companies there are in a market that provides similar products and services, the more difficult it can be to find what we looking for, both the consumer and a business.

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It is therefore legitimate to ask whether there are no tools or techniques whose objective would be to sort out all the known information on a product, in order to make comparisons between them, with the aim of taking the best buying decision possible.

One method is to define criteria around which you want the comparison to run. The first thing will always be the function performed by the product, in order to see more clearly. Then come into play other elements: the price of the product, its appearance, its ease of use, its reliability , performance, and availability.

These criteria can be used by consumers who do not know where to start, or by an entrepreneur looking for a way to differentiate their own products. Choose the criteria that is most important to you.

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